CDN Benefits and How to Use It

The following are some of the benefits of a Content Delivery Network (CDN): CDN services are great for websites that have a lot of visitors. CDN ensures that web pages can perform well all over the world. By reducing the number of requests (data requests) to the server, CDN is able to minimize the use of your hosting resources (disk space / bandwidth, etc.).

Website access speed will noticeably increase, especially if the visitor is located close enough to the server location. Website ranking on Google can increase because the access speed factor is very much considered by Google. A CDN indonesia can benefit many types of websites and web hosting what you need Before starting, all you need is: Access to your domain’s DNS settings Step 1 – Analyze Your Website To check if your website can use a CDN, you can use a website analysis tool such as WebPageTest.

Here are the results after analysis: CDN not active There are several options available in this section. You can use a free CDN provided by CloudFlare or invest in a paid CDN service (complete information about paid CDN services will be discussed in Step 2). If you currently have a website with medium / medium traffic, using a paid CDN service may not be the right decision because even free ones are more than enough.

However, if you often experience a sudden spike in traffic that is quite drastic and high resource usage, then the choice of paid CDN service is more appropriate for you to use. Step 2 – How to Use a CDN Option 1 – Activate Free CloudFlare CDN In order for a CloudFlare CDN to be used on your website, you only need to add your domain to CloudFlare, as exemplified in this guide.

After you have edited all the DNS settings and configured your domain to use CloudFlare, wait a few hours for all changes to take effect and after that your web page will start getting significant changes due to the CDN. Option 2 – Use a paid CDN If you want to use a paid solution, here are a few good options: MaxCDN and Photon are options worth considering if you have a CMS website with lots of photos / images.

RackSpace and CDN77 are highly efficient CDNs for video content and streaming. JsDeliver, a CDN that you can consider if your website has a lot of JavaScript. Step 3 – Test the changes After the CDN is installed, you can run the page analysis again using WebPageTest to make sure that everything is working as expected. Following are the test results after the changes were made (using the CloudFlare CDN): Active CDN Congratulations! Content distribution network already active on your website.

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