The Awareness of Creative Economy Actors on Copyright Issues Needs to be Increased

The awareness of copyright in Indonesia is still quite low. This can be seen from the many cases of copyright infringement or plagiarism that have occurred lately.

Not long ago, social media was quite busy with the disclosure of video content uploaded by YouTuber Candidates for Bachelor. The account was accused of stealing content by a British YouTuber @JTonYouTube or commonly called JT.

The content theft was dismantled by JT last week, Wednesday (6/11/2019), by uploading a photo to prove that the video entitled this is the new # 1 YouTube Channel (Parlophone Records) was stolen by a prospective scholar to be uploaded again on YouTube with title Parlophone Records, YouTube Channel No. # 1 beating T-Series.

Deputy for Facilitation of Intellectual Property Rights and Regulations at the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy, Ari Juliano Gema, said that the problem of using other people’s works is still vulnerable in Indonesia. Therefore, if you want to use someone else’s work, someone must ask permission from the creator or copyright holder for both commercial and non-commercial activities.

“In essence, if someone uses someone else’s work, he must ask permission from the creator or copyright holder, including pictures/photos on social media. However, if it is not for commercial purposes, then it can include the source or name of the creator/copyright holder, ”said Ari to recently.

Ari said, referring to Law No.28/2014 on Copyright Article 113, the problem of using a work/copyright without the permission of the creator can be a criminal element. Because it is clearly a bad impact or detrimental to the creator. However, a criminal element could exist if the owner of the works complained to the police.

“Now it has to be seen, whether the use is for commercial purposes. If this is true for commercial purposes, will the creator or copyright holder want to complain to the police? Because without a complaint, the police cannot take legal action. That’s because copyright crime is a complaint offense. “

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