Fight Pirated Content in Indonesia

there are still many internet users in Indonesia accessing illegal content streaming sites without paying a subscription fee, you know! Yes, based on a survey, YouGov found that 63% of online consumers in Indonesia access pirated film websites.

For information, ISD which stands for Illicit Streaming Devices refers to the designation of illegal streaming devices. A survey commissioned by the Coalition Against Piracy (CAP) found that 29% of Indonesian consumers used these devices to stream pirated television and video content or movies. With this tool, users avoid the obligation to pay for content that should be fulfilled in accessing videos.

CAP not only found the fact that IndoXXI is an application that people are interested in watching pirated movies. But also, the demographic age of those who access the site is mostly young people between 18-24 years.

Another finding from a survey conducted on September 19-20, CAP also said that 63% of consumers admitted to accessing pirated streaming websites, 62% stated that they canceled all paid subscriptions from legal services. Discussion with company consultant Indonesia is needed if filmmakers want to do copyright strike. 

To fight online piracy, the Video Coalition of Indonesia (VCI) has collaborated with the Ministry of Communication and Information (Kominfo) to identify and block domains associated with piracy websites.

To date, referring to data since July 2019, more than 1,000 piracy sites and illegal applications have been blocked by Kominfo. For your information, VCI members including the Coalition Against Piracy (CAP), including APFI, APROFI, GPBSI, Emtek Group, MNC Group, Viva Group, Telkom Indonesia, Cinema 21 Group, CGV, Cinemaxx, HOOQ, iflix, Viu, Rewind, SuperSoccerTV and Catchplay one voice against online piracy.

“APFI is surprised by the results of a new study commissioned by CAP which reveals 63% of Indonesian online consumers have accessed piracy sites and torrent sites,” said APFI Chairman Chand Parwez in a press release (23/12/2019). “The theft of content from its creators undeniably hurts Indonesia’s creative industry. These illegal websites are also at high risk for users to be exposed to malware,” he continued.

Minister of Communications and Informatics Johnny Gerard Plate explained that the government does not want film piracy to disrupt the Indonesian economy. He emphasized that Kominfo cannot legalize streaming websites that contain pirated content because they do not comply with Intellectual Property Rights (HaKI) regulations. As far as he knows, there are countries that have been prosecuted for the rise of film piracy.

Johnny is also worried that illegal activities like this will prevent investors from entering Indonesia. Whereas the government focuses on building a good investment climate and business certainty in order to encourage the economy.

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