The Awareness of Creative Economy Actors on Copyright Issues Needs to be Increased

The awareness of copyright in Indonesia is still quite low. This can be seen from the many cases of copyright infringement or plagiarism that have occurred lately. Not long ago, social media was quite busy with the disclosure of video content uploaded by YouTuber Candidates for Bachelor. The account was accused of stealing content by […]

DJBC Menerapkan Sistem Pencatatan untuk Mencegah Pelanggaran Merek Dagang dan Hak Cipta

Indonesia telah mendorong pemegang merek dagang dan hak cipta untuk mencatat aset kekayaan intelektualnya di Direktorat Jenderal Bea dan Cukai (DJBC). Sistem ini merupakan bagian dari upaya pemerintah Indonesia untuk mengurangi pemalsuan merek dagang dan hak cipta melalui penangguhan sementara. Diimplementasikan di bawah Peraturan Pemerintah Indonesia No. 20 (tahun 2017) dan Peraturan Menteri Keuangan Nomor […]

Indonesia’s IPR Domestic Situation

IPR protection was essentially an unusual concept in Indonesia’s national laws prior to the TRIPs agreement, due to its conflicting nature with Indonesia’s traditions and norms. This became a large problem within the IP lawyer Indonesia. Despite the fact that intellectual property (IP) legislation existed in Indonesia as early as 1844, those Dutch colonial laws […]

Brand Registration in Indonesia: Step by Step

Trademark registration Indonesia – In Indonesia the legal basis is the Trademark Act No. 15 Year 2001. Trademark protection is only obtained by registration. Protection based on prior use for unregistered trademarks is not available. Indonesia follows the first-to-file system. Trademark registration: Requirements A trademark application or brand registration in Indonesia has to be filed […]

Indonesia’s 2019 Top Lawyers

To be part of Indonesia’s top lawyers, one needs to be “communicative, responsive and supportive”, according to Rany Anggrainy, human resources and general administration manager of Geodis Wilson in Indonesia, when describing Indra Setiawan, a partner at ABNR. “Indra’s response helps me to make further decisions for my company. I am happy having him as my business […]