5 Inspirational “Catering Prasmanan” Menu

5 Inspirational “Catering Prasmanan” Menu

Everyone needs to eat. Therefore, you can try to start a food business, for example an office catering business. Foods that have a distinctive taste are sure to find customers easily. Especially if you basically like cooking. You can be patient with a food business such as a “catering prasmanan” with pleasure.

So, before starting to become an “agen catering jakarta”, the matter of selecting the food menu is an important thing that really must be considered. Make sure the menu you choose is general, not very complicated, can be durable and has an affordable price. So that you don’t get confused, we help prepare a list of food menus that you can take into consideration. Please check this out!

1. From congratulations to big seminars, a menu of wet pastries is sure to be in high demand. You can open a special catering business for this snackbox!

Snacks or snacks never miss attending every event. Generally, this snack is in the form of wet cakes, such as pastels, risoles, sponge cake, lemper, dumplings, lepet and so on. At regular diving events, these moist cakes can be served directly on a plate or tray. Meanwhile, in formal events such as seminars, usually a few slices of wet cake are placed in a small bowl to be shared with event participants.

Considering that this menu of wet pastries is often sought after by people, you really need to include them on the food menu list for your catering business. Moreover, the process of making wet cakes is easier than cooking main food menus such as boxed rice.

2. Yellow rice menu with all the side dishes, can be in the form of tumpeng too.

Yellow rice with its side dishes, such as ointment, fried chicken or Balinese spiced chicken, scrambled tempeh, cakes, omelette to chili sauce, is a food menu that is often sought after by people. Not only for boxed rice, this menu can usually be in the form of tumpeng or mini tumpeng.

In addition to a more affordable price measure in the community, this yellow rice or tumpeng has become a symbol for every event. So, the next food menu that you must sell is yellow rice with all these side dishes.

3. Want the chicken to be fried or grilled as long as it is wrapped as fresh vegetables. Your catering service is guaranteed to always be an option.

Just for lunch for a family, office or other small events. Food menus such as fresh vegetables, whether it’s ordinary fried chicken, fried chicken with flour or grilled chicken, coupled with tofu and chili sauce, are also the most frequently sought after. Especially if your food has a really delicious taste, guaranteeing your drying service can always be an option.

4. Fried noodles or vermicelli are the most common to complement other menus.

In addition to the main menus, you have to consider other complementary menus that are common and affordable, such as fried noodles or vermicelli. These two foods are not only suitable for regular white box rice, but can also be a complement to the yellow rice menu. For those of you who are good at cooking, making fried noodles or vermicelli will not be difficult. You just have to make sure you have the right mix of spices and compositions and are different from usual.

5. Chili fried potatoes, so the menu option is the easiest and of course also more durable.

Next, there is potato fried chili sauce that you can add to your catering menu list. Besides being easy to cook, this food can also last longer or not spoil easily. For the price, this menu is definitely affordable. Considering the composition of the potato fried chili sauce is usually dominated by potatoes, other contents such as beef or chicken liver and banana can usually not be included too much. This menu is easily found in “catering kantoran

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