Tips on Calculating Cost and “Catering Pernikahan” Vendor

Tips for calculating wedding catering orders The catering pernikahan budget of course depends on the number of guests invited. The more guests invited the greater the catering wedding costs that must be incurred. In general, the formula used to order a wedding catering package is the number of guests invited and the number multiplied by 2. This figure includes guests who came without invitations, such as the children and grandchildren of neighbors and relatives, whose number is sometimes difficult to predict.

But, you also have to be aware that not all invited guests will come. Usually about 10 percent of the total invitees do not attend. If the number of guests you invite is small, then the number of uninvited guests can still replace the portion of guests who were invited but didn’t come. For simplicity, consider the following illustration.

Number of invitations 300 pieces of invitations The number of guests expected to come is 300 invitations x 2 people = 600 people Invited guests but did not come 600 x 10% = 60 people Estimated guests who came without an invitation 50 people The minimum number of catering ordered is 600 – 60 + 50 = 590 (Prepare at least 600 portions)

Tips for choosing a wedding catering vendor.

Not only is the wedding catering menu important. Don’t just choose a wedding catering vendor. There are a few tips on how to choose a wedding catering package, buy nasi tumpeng so you don’t choose the wrong choice and ruin your wedding event.

1. Do a survey of wedding catering prices on the market. Never trust and be tempted by a catering provider who offers the cheapest price. However, there is a price in any way. Don’t get stuck on a cheap price but it turns out that the quality and quality of the food is disappointing. Moreover, there have been many cases of wedding catering vendor fraud. For that, do a survey on the price of Bogor wedding catering in the market and make a comparison with several catering vendors before making a decision to choose a catering vendor.

2. Make a visit to the catering office and kitchen The goal is to let you know the capacity of the wedding buffet catering. Starting from the kitchen, a team or a cook who is seconded at the event, to a food storage warehouse and equipment to ensure the equipment that will be used at the wedding ceremony.

3. Do a test food There is a term that says ‘don’t buy a cat in a sack’. Likewise with the selection of the wedding catering menu. Set the time to do a food test by coming to the office of the wedding catering vendor to ensure the taste and quality of the catering so as not to be disappointed.

4. Ask for a price quote Don’t forget to ask for a price quote from each wedding catering vendor. Then discuss with your partner and family about the price of Bogor wedding catering that suits your budget, menu variations, and other facilities. Remember to choose the best, not just the cheapest.

5. Check the credibility of the wedding catering vendor. Apart from price, menu, and quality, you must also ensure that the wedding catering vendor has experience in handling weddings. There is also nothing wrong if you do research from the results of wedding vendor-client reviews.

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